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The celiac axis CA and its branches are critically important arteries that supply blood to the vital solid and hollow abdominal viscera of the foregut. Dec 18, 2019 · The celiac artery is a blood vessel of the digestive system. It is the largest branch of the abdominal aorta, the major blood vessel of the abdomen, which descends from the heart and ends in the pelvis, where it splits into the right and left iliac arteries. This vessel arises from the front side. Celiac axis injury. Celiac artery injuries are rare and almost always a result of penetrating trauma. In a review of 302 patients with abdominal vascular injuries, the celiac artery was injured in only 3.3% of cases. 59 The celiac axis gives rise to the left gastric, splenic, and common hepatic arteries. Injuries amenable to primary repair.

The celiac artery is an essential source of blood, since the interconnections with the other major arteries of the gut are not sufficient to sustain adequate perfusion. Thus it cannot be safely ligated in a living person, and obstruction of the celiac artery will lead to necrosis of the structures it supplies. Celiac artery compression syndrome is defined as chronic, recurrent abdominal pain related to compression of the celiac artery by the median arcuate ligament. It is also referred to as celiac axis syndrome, median arcuate ligament syndrome, and Dunbar syndrome. A repeat CTA of the abdomen taken on hospital day 3 showed an unchanged dissection in the celiac axis extending into the hepatic artery. The vascular surgeon recommended strict BP control, anticoagulation therapy, and a vascular surgery follow-up with a repeat CTA of the abdomen in 6 months.

In medicine, the median arcuate ligament syndrome MALS, also known as celiac artery compression syndrome, celiac axis syndrome, celiac trunk compression syndrome or Dunbar syndrome is a condition characterized by abdominal pain attributed to compression of the celiac artery and possibly the celiac ganglia by the median arcuate ligament. Coeliac artery dissection is a type of arterial dissection. It is rarely seen as a primary phenomenon and is most often encountered due to propagation of an aortic dissection. Article.

celiac axis: [ ak´sis ] pl. ax´es 1. a line through a center of a body, or about which a structure revolves. the second cervical vertebra. adj., adj ax´ial. 2. the position of the cylindrical part of a lens, used for correcting astigmatism; the range of values is from 0° to 180°. celiac axis celiac trunk. dorsoventral axis one passing. Mar 31, 2001 · The incidence of hemodynamically significant celiac axis stenosis in this asymptomatic Korean population was 7.3% and the most important etiology was extrinsic compression by the median arcuate ligament of the diaphragm. Atherosclerosis was only a minor cause of the condition. Symptomatic spontaneous celiac artery dissection is a rare condition that is being detected more often with the use of advanced imaging techniques. There is no consensus as to whether surgical or endovascular treatment is more appropriate.

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